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A wearable that transforms bike workouts into VR experience

Imagine athletes preparing themselves on Cape Argus in South Africa, the death road in Bolivia or the actual race course using this sports wearable.

Sanctuary Media LLC, a small company focused on producing cutting edge media and technology announced today Veloporter, a wearable device that transforms stationary bike workouts into virtual reality experiences.


Matthew Gudenius, President and Principal Engineer at Sanctuary Media LLC.

“This really could be a game-changer for exercise. Studies have shown positive effects of exercise-oriented video games for increasing fitness and combating obesity. Virtual reality takes that concept to the next level, and it has now become very affordable and accessible for practically everyone.”

The Veloporter will use a small wearable sensor, a VR headset box (similar to google cardboard) for Android or iPhone, and any exercise stationary bike. The phone will sit inside the box, while the wearable sensor will clips onto the user’s shoe or sock to transmit speed data into a virtual reality app to give user a comprehensive experience.

Veloporter will come with different games and experiences to give everyone an amazing experience while doing their workout and getting ready for the actual event!

This definitely sounds like a good wearable and it can help athletes prepare themselves better however, it is not something one can buy today. The Veloporter is currently in pre-production. Sanctuary Media LLC plans to raise the required capital for production via crowdfunding in early 2016.

We look forward for it!


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