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A Survey shows “Wearable Fitness Choices” Of 763 Athletes.


Wearables used to be a luxurious technology just a year or two ago. However, with the pace they are increasing and growing in benefits, they are not a pristine invention, anymore. We all are aware with the fruits that we can reap by the use of wearable tech. From athletes to normal people, everyone is considering wearable tech for a healthy and improving lifestyle.

We recently told you, that 21 million wearable devices were shipped around the world and that too in three months only. This shipment is the big testament that we are ready to accept changes and the fast impact of the wearable technology. Moreover, as per the estimates, by 2021 the wearable technology industry will be worth $44.2 billion. The fastest growing industry as the result of wearable tech is supposed to be athletics, in all.

Athlete IQ is an online athletes’ forum for sharing their health patterns and tips etc. This community is the home of many athletes with big names and whooping fitness knowledge. The forum is also considered to be a hot spot for the recommendation of fitness wearables and gears etc.

Athlete IQ does not sell the athletic gear; rather it is a research platform through which the concerned find out the device as per their needs. Currently, the platform conducted a survey which was based on the reason regarding “Why athletes want to buy the wearable tech”? The survey was conducted on about 763 athletes.

The study most prominently targeted those athletes who were interested or a part of individual sports. However, they were not much experienced when it comes to wearable tech.

“From all the athletes involved in the research report, about 65% were   ranked as amateurs, 24% were ranked as semi-pro or professional. Moreover,eight athletes who were considered as elite were also interviewed and    questioned for guidance and expert opinion.”

Coming to the results of the initial survey,

“Nearly half, 43.4%, were found to be spending around 100 and $299 every year on wearable tech. Only a quarter mentioned that they were spending  between $300 and $699.”

The survey, quite apparently, shows the reason behind the hit of the wearable tech. The demand on such tech is increasing, day by day. However, the popularity of the product purely depends upon its quality and price tag. The fame and the fast adaption of the product is merely the result of peer recommendation.


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