Saturday, September 23, 2023

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A Strange New Wearable by Sony Blow Chilled Air Around Your Neck to Fight Heat

If you are having a hard time dealing with the summers, worry not because Sony has come up with a solution for you in the shape of a wearable AC. This air conditioner is a portable device that can be worn with your shirt. It works by blowing chilly conditioned air down your neck.

This product named Reon Pocket, slips inside a special compartment on the inside of a special tailor made top. It is very small in size and light in weight as it only weighs 85 grams. This sleek design makes it very hard to notice as it weighs almost as much as a credit card. It can cause significant drop in temperatures as Sony has reportedly tried and tested it reduced the temperature to mere 23 degree Celsius from 36 degree Celsius.

“Reduce the discomfort due to various temperatures such as hot summer outings, crowded train heat, cold winter outings, etc., and get comfortable in summer and winter,” the company explains.

The device has a Bluetooth connectivity which makes it possible for the user to automatically adjust the temperature for a more comfortable experience. This even lets you to warm the air a little in a cold weather situation.

Battery isn’t really a strong side of this thing as it only runs for an hour and a half at max. This makes it really dependent on a power bank. Although getting your hands on this device right now might be a little hard for now as it is only being made available by Sony in Japan to First Flight Crowdfunding. This initiative allows Sony to understand and observe the interest and reaction of the general public for the product. The program went through successfully and this project is now being funded fully. The product is expected to be unveiled for general public before the summers next year.


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