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A Sports Technology Company Based in Galway Gets Chosen to Participate for trial in World Rugby


N-Pro, a sports technology firm based in Irish city of Galway, has made its way into the World Rugby for trials as their first contestant which aims to the goal of minimalizing concussions and injuries of head. N-Pro has so far managed to raise funds from sponsors like M&C Saatchi, an advertising agency in Great Britain.

A headguard has been developed by N-Pro which offers maximum protection against any kinds of impacts to the head of the wearer. The material used in these headguards provides protection against repeated energy as opposed to product available in the market today, which only offer protection against abrasions and scrapes.

M&C Saatchi, Western Development Commission, Elkstone and Enterprise Ireland are some noticeable name which have helped N-Pro is raising their funds to more than €2 million. Established by Dr. Sanda Ganly and Mark Ganly, N-Pro has spent most of its resources in the development of this headguard.

According to N-Pro, the headguard cuts down the collision force to head of the wearer by as much as 75% more than most of the headguard available in the market right now. However, Scientific testing by N-Pro has commissioned this fact but the headguard has to make its way through a rather long process of testing and certifications which can last for as long as three long years, before it makes its way into the competitive games of World Rugby.

N-Pro has a lead as big as one and a half to two years against its competitors in product development. Their approach towards insuring the safety of professional athletes is unmatched right now. They have moved past developing products for rugby players only as they have managed to sell their products to the athletes of multiple other sports as well which include the likes of Aussie Rules Football, Soccer, MMA etc. The N-Pro headguards are available in Ireland, Australia, Great Britain, South Africa, New Zealand and the corporation is only planning to stretch their market further.