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A sneak peek into world’s first “Smart Gym Glove” by Oxstren

A sneak peek into world’s first "Smart Gym Glove" by Oxstren

Fitness and wellbeing are the most important factors which are driving society nowadays. Tech companies and brands are globally trying to develop wearables which can change the fitness scene in any form.

While, on one hand, wearables are booming the sports industry and are quantum leap is tracking health and heart rate etc, the main areas like workouts are still left behind. But Oxstren, an Indian Startup, has taken workout to the next level. As mentioned, every other wearable centers on measuring fitness, but those people who are accustomed to lifst heavy weight or treadmill for hours would hardly benefit from such gadgets.

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Oxstren has been made keeping this scenario in mind. The manufacturers behind world’s first Smart Gym Glove claim that they are utterly and deeply disappointed with the approach of fitness trackers nowadays. Thus, Oxstren came into being. It can be worn during the extensive workout session and will provide you instant and accurate data on all you current activity while gyming. The smart gloves have a group of various electronic sensors. The sensors are built inside the sweat resistant layers. The gloves have been manufactured from unique latex and leather, developed and patented both by Oxstren.

What Are The Smart Gloves Capable Of?

A sneak peek into world’s first "Smart Gym Glove" by Oxstren

Oxstren is capable of measuring some very important aspects and metrics of the body. Through various smart sensors on the glove, the data is measured and send to you in real time. Some of the workouts tracking details are;

  • Respiration Rate
  • Heart Rate
  • Form Evaluation
  • Hydration
  • Calories Burnt
  • Core Temperature
  • Grip efficiency and the Intensity of moves

After evaluating the data, the information would be sent your Smartphone. Apart from displaying the data, Oxstren’s self-developed cloud servers also analyze and process father data. You can also control and stop the data you don’t want to sync with Oxstren’s servers.

How Is Oxstren Different Than The Other Wearables Available?

A sneak peek into world’s first "Smart Gym Glove" by Oxstren

The distinguishing factor of Smart gloves from all the other wearables available out there is that the device in question can stun with correctly guessing the exercise you are performing.

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Apart from recognizing the workout or exercise you are doing, Oxstren also measures the force you are exerting or how strong your grip is. It also counts the reputations of your move, like how many times you did a bicep curl etc. The Smart gloves are also smart enough to tell you whether you are performing exercise correctly or not. It also focuses on telling you the most important part of the training.

The Smart gloves also tell you when to stop the exercise to prevent over-straining the cardiovascular system. That is done through evaluation heart rate, hydration level and respiration rate all at once. The visual appears before you, encouraging you to work out better than ever. The wearable provides you data by displaying it on your Smartphone app through Bluetooth.

Oxstren Knows That Your Diet Needs A Doctor!

A sneak peek into world’s first "Smart Gym Glove" by Oxstren

After you workout sessions, you can check all the data regarding calories burned, intensity of the sessions and muscle details etc. The end result gets to you after the complex assessments and tests performed by significant biometrics. Still, the great news here is that after workout we all feel sluggish and tired.

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Oxstren knows that you need a proper diet to pair with you intensive workout sessions. It has a built-in feature called Diet Doctor. This feature will guide and recommend you the changes you need to make in your diet. The data will continuously change and modify to tell you regarding the transitions in performance enabled by the smart glove’s advanced AI.

In order to obtain the perfect results, you would have to input some basic information including your favorites for diet, any allergies, injuries, health conditions, workout styles etc. The’ gloves + app’ paired with the original gloves will analyze your data and tell you the favorable exercises and diet seamlessly.

Oxstren smart gloves have already intrigues lot of fitness geeks. Lots of people are impatiently waiting to get this product in their hands. The gloves are set to launch by early next year.



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