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A Smart Shoes Prototype Presented at CES 2020 by ASICS


ASICS has collaborated with NNF (No New Folk Studios Inc.), a sensor technology brand based in Japan, to introduce a variety of Smart Shoes. The footwear brand has showcased the initial design at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. It is a pair of EvoRide shoes, with Orphe Track Sensors made by NNF incorporated inside them, used as a demo of the attendees of CES 2020.

These smart shoes track various different stats and information about the user on different aspects including stability and kick strength. The main goal of these shoes is to help the wearer in training better, exercise efficiently and save energy.

ASICS claims the shoes used for this technology are yet to be released and this new pairing is going to be the lightest pair ever made by ASICS thus saving energy of the wearer in sprints and jogs. Apparently, a technology called Guidesole will ensure the conservation of energy with these shoes by limiting lower leg movement.

EvoRide shoes will make their way into the market by February 7th this year while the smart pair will be released on a yet to be confirmed date some time during this year. This pair will be a brand new one instead of being just an upgrade of EvoRide as claimed by the company.

“Coming to CES is a springboard moment for ASICS sports innovation. We always strive for perfection, and that’s why we waited until now to have our own booth at CES,” said Yasuhito Hirota. “I’m really pleased to be showcasing the incredible innovation that is normally hidden away in our ISS labs, especially in a year that is so important for sport, for Japan and – of course – for ASICS as well.” Yasuhito is the Chief Operating Officer and the President of ASICS.

Smart shoes have not yet made much of a mark in wearables market but the prospect of these shoes is great. NURVV, a brand based in London, has also made an effort in this side of wearables by introducing NURVV Run this year.