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A real-time muscle oxygenation wearable by BSX Athletics

BSX Athletics was found in 2012 with a purpose to help those athletes who want to improve their strength and maximize their endurance. The Texas based sports company has its own range of BSXinsight for the athletes. Currently, the wearable have got a fresh look in second generation few months ago.

The original BSXinsight edition which was launched in 2014 allowed the athletes to measure their fitness and strength and finds their own training levels. The current and improved edition allows the athletes to monitor their muscle oxygenation within no time. Moreover, there are additional activity tracking and third party connectivity too. The firmware, the software and the Smartphone app is redesigned for better training and connectivity.

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BSXinsight comes in the form of a compression sleeve which can be worn anywhere. However, the team has recommended that it should be worn on calf for better results. This is because the sleeve directly connects and takes the data from heart rate monitors, power meters, and ANT+ foot pods. It can be used eight hours straight. BSXinsight is lightweight, 20 grams, so you won’t feel comfortable while wearing it during workouts.

BSXinsight allows to monitor muscle oxygenation in real-time

BSXinsight collects all the information and data related to the workouts. The wearable helps athletes to change their workout routine depending on the training which is better for their health and performance. The way it carries out the details and provides you with the results is to the point. The information is so accurate and precise that you won’t be able to challenge it at all.

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In order to track the critical energy system in the muscles of the athletes, the device utilizes consumer sage LEDs and optical technology. The Muscle oxygenation and other vitals are converted into easy charts and details so the users can understand their workout details and can easily understand different methods through which they can optimize the results.

All the data collected is synchronized with an Android or iOS Smartphone. If you have bike computer or other Sports watches you can also receive your data on them. The data can be stored easily so that the users can see them whenever they want.

BSXinsight allows to monitor muscle oxygenation in real-time

CEO of BSX Athletics, Dr. Dustin Freckleton, explained the importance of the wearable and its usage in muscle oxygenation as follows;

“Muscle Oxygenation [SmO2] is a new concept to the athletic world, but one that is gaining tremendous traction, and will soon be recognized as themost important real-time metric possible. Oxygen is the central piece of energy production which makes muscle oxygenation critical for any athlete keep track during their training. Similar to heart-rate training, muscle oxygenation can help you understand your daily training. However, where heart-rate is influenced by conditional factors like stress, temperature, sleep and hydration. SmO2 is constant, more dependable and accurate. Muscle oxygenation is also much more immediate.”

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BSX Athletics has been introducing new ways of tracking the body vitals for the optimal performance of athletes. The firm has been continuously introducing something new so that the athletes can empower and get actual insights of their performance. It is one of the best companies with one of the best muscle oxygenation and performance tracking capabilities for the athletes.

You can add the compression sleeve for $59.99 from here.

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