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A Lite Version of Amazfit Bip S to be launched in India

Huami has planned to launch a lite version of its very popular Amazfit Bip S across India by the end of July this year. The launch of this device was teased over Flipkart.

Amazfit Bip S was launched during CES 2020 which took place at the start of this year in Las Vegas, Nevada. This device offers water-resistance up to 5ATM of pressure of water. It also has an enhanced heart rate monitor and GPS connectivity. Amazfit Bip S also offers more exercise features in addition to more features as well.

A lite variant of this device was well expected by the users and consumers of wearables market. Bip S was filed with Federal Communications Commission some months back and there was a mention of a lite variant for the device in a parallel entry.

The predecessor to Amazfit Bip S also had a version along with it which carried a smaller specifications sheet as compared to the main version. Exclusion of a sensor for air pressure, Geometric sensor and GPS Connectivity were some of the features which set the main version apart from its lite variant.

The teaser for unveiled the look of Amazfit Bip S lite which does not differ much from the original Amazfit Bip S in appearance. It has a square build with a little physical button present on one of its sides. Actual specifications of the device have not be reviled yet. Only information revealed as of now is that it will have 8 sports modes. The original Amazfit Bip S has 10 sports modes. Lite variant also 1 gram lighter in weight as compared to Amazfit Bip S. The Flipkart teaser claimed the upcoming smartwatch to be “light on your wrist, pocket and design”. Users will be able get their hands on these smartwatches for Rs.4999 in India which is somewhere around $65 in United States.

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