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A Holosuit To Upgrade Your Golf Game

What’s New?

Kaaya Tech, an Indian based startup company, has launched a new full body Holosuit which can help track body movements in a variety of positions. This ultimate in mixed reality wearable comes with pants, a jacket and gloves.The Holosuit monitors points of articulation to gather information about the way we move and create meaningful and precise recreations.

The suit is still under development, but the company has launched an app that allows us to envision the possibilities that this Holosuit can present to golfers.

The Technology Involved:

The Holosuit is a masterpiece when it comes to technology. It relies on wireless pathways to transfer and relay data using Bluetooth. Bluetooth is often used for the short term transfer of data because of its battery saving potential. The suit also comes with more prominent capacity to interface with any gadget.This means that it is not just limited to a head set but can also be used for real-time statistics on your mobile phone.

Kaaya has promised an 8 hours of battery life and also claim that the suit is shock-free and sweat-proof. This shows that the company is keen that its users integrate the suit in their real lives as much as possible.

Holosuit Golf

Golf is an extremely demanding game which is not limited to the physical aspects but can include endurance, mental agility and the ability to maintain perfect form. For an amateur golfer this will be a blessing as it can help find ones niche.

HoloSuit Golf will track the developments in your swing. It will then offer a few pointers on what you can do to adjust irregularities and cater to any issues with your form that you may have developed. Right now, this is just put away in the Cloud with automated suggestions accessible for clients. The computer is “educated” to comprehend what to search for and will encourage you to meet those benchmarks, however future simulations will include specific mentors who will offer a more customized way to deal with training your swing.

In simple words it is like having your personal golf coach. Holosuit offers an immersive practicing experience and critique your techniques.

Even though the actual gear is not as aesthetically pleasing we can, perhaps, see Holosuit on the golf courses this season. Or even maybe, around our homes.


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A final year med student, tripping on tea, trying to figure out how to adult.

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