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A Beam of light for Skaters

Hoover board by Lexus
In the small world of skateboarders a new beginning shows its light .The fan of all those movies having hover boards like ‘Back to the future’ and ‘Fantastic four’ you might just faint of happiness so calm down!!! Lexus just announced “slide”, a board hovering in air or surfing in air!!!

The Lexus board has to have a special track that enables the board to levitate magnetically above it. The smoke coming out of the both side is liquid nitrogen which pumped into the board to make it. The track which is laid has exactly the opposite material used to make it hover above it and for it not to touch ground just like magnets pieces.

Slide might not be successful as it sounds because it will be a huge trouble to carry as it weighs 11.5kg.Some other things adding to the list might be the top up of hover board roughly after every 10 minutes to ensure optimal temperature of nitrogen in it.Hoover board by Lexus

The perks of having Slide despite its stylish wooden look and smoking entry are that you get your own customized built skate park. Although the cost behind the construction of this is not disclosed but it really doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the cost will top the account of the company.

Lexus has shown people that the can be an introduction to  a new kind  of world in skateboarding and maybe it can go further then that who knows maybe in a few years we might be using these to get to office or schools. The potential of this technology is so vast that if this works out we might be making cars on this concept and have a much eco-friendly environment.

Lexus has just created a prototype for now and might be launching in October 2015 but currently its working on making it long lasting and stabilizing the board irrespective of the weight on it .let’s just keeps hopes up and wait patiently for a new beginning.

Ali Yaqoob
Passionate about transforming data into science!

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