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8 Ways how Sports Wearable may change the game forever

LED Jersey Advertising

With flexible LED’s on its way, we expect advertisers will start paying for their logo to appear on the shirt depending on the event. Clubs that sponsors shirts may start showing interactive advertisements on players instead of a static logo as long as they don’t interfere or distract the players.


GPS ball

We would expect sporting balls like football or golf balls to have a GPS sensors. In fact, they should already be in production but we have yet to see one. Once developed, it should signal decisions such as if the ball has crossed the goal-line without delaying the actual game play.



Smart Boot

With different terrains, playing conditions and pitch situation, boots that automatically adjust depending on the conditions can not only help players with their performance but will reduce the chance of injuries.


Player Cam

We have already discussed this before on how these cameras can help broadcast the data to television but simple cameras for helping train and providing tactical data are widely available now and used in many sports.


Referee Cam

Do Google Glass have a chance in sports industry? Can referee be allowed to wear glasses that provides them with replays and make decision? We see this as something that can even eliminate some roles like 3rd umpire in cricket.


Concussion Detector

rugby-world-cup-future-3Specially developed for rugby but any sport that has a risk of injury like Formula 1 racing can take advantage of these concussion detectors to help identify the seriousness of injuries. A helmet with brain sentry is already on its way and these detectors could add extra safety for players and sports athletes.

Hydration level Sensor

rugby-world-cup-future-8A bio sensor such as Halo H1 to help check on the hydration levels of the player. Halo H1 for now is a placed on a band but we expect to see it appearing on gumshield for rugby players and wrestlers.

Contact Lens Display

rugby-world-cup-future-7A contact lens with a heads-up display could help players make split-second decisions by providing gaps, angles and distance. Could this along with VR technology be used for Paralympics in the future?


The content including pictures were first published here. The authors at Sports Wearable adjusted it to believe as it fits general sports and not just Rugby.


Ali Yaqoob
Passionate about transforming data into science!

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