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6 Best Safety Wearables That Ensure Protection And Style

Safety Wearables

The wearable tech market has come a long way. Years ago, wearables were just worn for the ‘wearable’ purpose. There was no sense of security along with an update to the latest fashion. However, nowadays, safety wearables have made their way into the public along with improving sports and health.

Safety is the concern of women, elders, physically disabled people and children around the world. But, no one wants to compromise their style and fashion too. This is why we have made a list of safety wearables that are not only fashionable but ensures the safety and protection of everyone too.

Have a read; keep your fashion statement intact along with security. You won’t be afraid now roaming around the city late night, without anyone else.

Safelet Indra Bracelet:

Safety Wearables

Safelet Indra Bracelet is not only beautiful to look at but it makes sure that the help, in the case of emergencies, is just a click away. There are buttons on the side of the wristband. Whenever there is any sort of danger or emergency, all users have to do is to press them. The alert would immediately be sent to the pre-selected family members and friends.

The Safelet Bracelet is connected to a Smartphone app. With the help of Bluetooth, the compatible app sends all the data like the location of the wearer and other important instructions to the emergency contacts. The users can also program the call to 911 if they think they need immediate protection.



WiseWear Dutchess Bracelet:

Safety Wearables

WiseWear  is a Smart jewelry for smart women. WiseWear has launched a series of uber-chick, extremely stylish health and fitness trackers for women. There are three different styles for the bracelets released by the company. Not only, these bracelets keep a track on your health, record steps and calories etc, but they ensure safety too.

WiseWear Dutchess Bracelet sends the text message and GPS location to the emergency contacts, whenever the wearer needs them. Users can also keep aware of their health safety with the help of different features. The bracelet connects to the app with the help of Bluetooth for serving all emergency purposes.



Charm Ring:

Safety Wearables

Charm Ring Is All About Charm, Safety the And Fitness. iCharming is a range of Smart bracelets, rings, and necklaces from a ZTE-owned smart jewelry company. The Charm Ring is capable of monitoring calories burned, fitness tracking, and steps etc. All the tracking is done with the help of a three-axis accelerometer. Apart from health tracking, Charm Ring is one of the initial devices out there to offer safety and protection to all.

There is an SOS alert feature to send your location to the emergency contact when needed. The users will only have to alert the wearable and all their emergency contacts will be alerted too. This is best for the ladies who want to stay casual with style as well as updated with safety too. You can opt for the iCharming bracelet range too. Charm Range are one of the bests safety wearables accessible today.


Nearly $200


ROBOCOPP- The Personal Safety Sound Grenade

ROBOCOPP is the first device in the list which is not only reserved for women but meant for all. The rings can be worn by the man, but let’s face the truth that such types of ring doesn’t suit them well. ROBOCOPP is a tiny blue plastic device hanging on a string. It is further attached to an analog robot sketched on the front.

It is actually an electronic grenade which is capable of screaming as loud as an ambulance when its head is pulled off. The entire working of the device revolves around this feature. It is basically a wearable alarm which shouts loud that the attackers won’t get a chance to do anything, let alone mug or kidnap you. It has also been documented to deter muggings.

You can read more about it here.



V.ALRT help button:

Safety Wearables

V.ALRT help button is no jewelry but that doesn’t mean that it is not stylish. It is basically a small personal emergency button that comes with a black rubber wristband and neck pendant. It means that it can also be casually worn by the men too.

Like all the wearables mentioned in the list, pressing the button sends alert text messages and GPS signals to a customized list of contacts.  What’s more is that wearer can easily enable a fall detection function, which automatically signals for help if the wearer does not respond within 60 seconds. The best part about the help button is that even if it keeps alerting you throughout the day, you won’t have to charge the battery for about a year.



Kanega watch:

Safety Wearables

Kanega Watch is for all the Smartwatch geeks. The watch without the Smartphone keeps you connected and updated with the rest of the world. After smashing its Kickstarter campaign, the Smartwatch will finally be making its way to the public by this summer.

The Kanega watch, in times of emergency, bypasses both Bluetooth and apps, sending users directly to a LifeAssist operator. It is activated with the help of voice command without the help of any sensors or buttons. Users speak to it like the other Voice assistants available today, by giving it a specific name.

What’s more is that if wearers forget how to find their way home when taking a walk, no problem. Kanega will provide turn-by-turn directions. The Smartwatch will also remind you of the medications as well as the dosage instructions. This is my personal favorite in this list of safety wearables.



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