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5 Must-Have Wearables For Golf


We all know that Wearable technology has changed the way we see sports and play games. Similarly, Golf is one of those games which have improved on many fronts with the help of wearables.

If you are a steady golfer and are looking a wearable tech for you, we are here to help you. We have made a list of the must-have golf wearables available nowadays. Choose the device as per your taste and pre-requisites.

6 Zepp Golf Sensor

Zepp Golf is a simple sensor which is clipped to your glove when you are on the field. The simple yet complex sensor notes all that is required to check your game functioning and strategy. From the speed of your hands to the intensity of the backswings, nothing is left unnoticed by the teeny tiny sensors.

All the essential data is showed to you on a connected Smartphone app. The data is delivered to you within a second after hitting the ball. You can analyze all the data and take a complete look at your shots. You can also compare your shots with professionals to see your progress. What’s more is that there are number of videos which will help you better understand the swing techniques.

Zepp Golf sensor is a must have wearable for all professionals and newbies.




Amazon, zepp.com

5 Aiming

Aiming is an easy-to-use wearable device for aiming a perfect shot during a golf game. The device is strapped to your waist and you order it whenever you are ready to aim. Through the built-in motion sensors, the wearable alerts you whenever you are in a fit position to take a shot.

If you are on the right position, Aiming will declare it by saying “perfect,” if not then you will be guided until you are on a perfect spot. The wearable is not restricted to the simple shot tactics but can also be used for tee shot, fairway, or also for the slop of the fairway. Aiming is a perfect wearable for those who find it difficult to aim correctly. You would be aiming in a proper way within no time.

Read more about “Aiming” here.





4 Shot Scope

We told you, a week or two ago, regarding a new wearable that is going to shoot your golf game up. Shot Scope is one of those wearable that has a complete answer for all your Golf needs. Manufactured after excessive brainstorming of technology experts and famous golf players such as Walker Cup player (Gavin Dear), Shot Scope collects all the important data without disturbing you while playing.

Shot Scope is capable of providing over 100 statistics relating your weaknesses and strengths during a golf game. You can also get hole analysis, tee shots, short game putting, and individual hole analysis and so on. The stats can also be compared to the other players who use this band.

Shot Scope is not some high, show-off band but rather a simple one with complex data collection for you.


$225 (until April 2016), $280 onwards


Shot Scope

3 ScoreBand PRO

ScoreBand PRO needs no introduction. It has already taken the wearable world by storm. Capable of collecting scorekeeping for Tennis and Golf both with an AllScore mode too, the wearable is must for flexible players. This is just not it; ScoreBand PRO also contains a Stopwatch which is helpful for the runners. Guess we already have a wearable superstar within no time.

The Sports watch has number of different functionalities; in fact it has a complete list. For Golfers, it track holes and keeps a complete record of ever shot and every round score you make. The watch also shows you the total number of successful strokes after you completes a session. You can also get a summary of your game including successful innings you have performed so far.

ScoreBand PRO is a PRO in Sports watch industry with giving you a multi-purpose data analysis of different games. It is highly recommended for all the goflers. You can read more about the other functions and sports mode here.


The original price is $49.95, but it is available on a whooping discount of $39.95 on Amazon.


Amazon, ScoreBand

2 Steadihead

Steadihead is a useful golf wearable device that can improve your putting skills. The wearable is a must have for those who are not so skillful when it comes to the common golf skills. Steadihead allows you to learn simple skills like aligning the eyes over the ball, focusing on the shots, stay still while on course and trains you on seeing the true line of the putt.

All the actions of the wearable are done with the help of a laser beam. With the help of laser, a visual view is created which guides the player towards a right path, correctly. The laser is safe for all the players and does no harm. The laser gets activated automatically when the user’s head bends back down into an active, or normal putting position.

To read more about Steadihead, refer to our detail blog here




Steadihead Putting

1 Conclusion:

These are the short-listed, five best and must-have Golf wearables for all the professional or un-professional golfers. Opt for the wearable you think is going to provide you with maximum skills. Which Golf device attracted you the most? Do tell us too!


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