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5 Must-Have Wearables For Golf

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5 Must-Have Wearables For All The Golfers!

We all know that Wearable technology has changed the way we see sports and play games. Similarly, Golf is one of those games which have improved on many fronts with the help of wearables.

If you are a steady golfer and are looking a wearable tech for you, we are here to help you. We have made a list of the must-have golf wearables available nowadays. Choose the device as per your taste and pre-requisites.


6. Zepp Golf Sensor

Zepp Golf is a simple sensor which is clipped to your glove when you are on the field. The simple yet complex sensor notes all that is required to check your game functioning and strategy. From the speed of your hands to the intensity of the backswings, nothing is left unnoticed by the teeny tiny sensors.

All the essential data is showed to you on a connected Smartphone app. The data is delivered to you within a second after hitting the ball. You can analyze all the data and take a complete look at your shots. You can also compare your shots with professionals to see your progress. What’s more is that there are number of videos which will help you better understand the swing techniques.

Zepp Golf sensor is a must have wearable for all professionals and newbies.




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