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5 Best Sports Wearables For Protection Against Concussion


Head impact and concussions are one of the most hazardous and problematic situations for athletes. As per a report, athletes around the word bear about nearly 3.8 million concussions every year. This situation is alarming as it is not only affecting the career of the concerned, but it is also a threat to health. Serious head impacts can lead from mild to intense concussions which result in brain injuries. Apart from the proper medical attention, wearables are the only solution for this situation.

It has been noted that most of the times athletes couldn’t reach the hospital or get proper medical attention. This is why wearable tech has made it easy to not only detect but to alarm with the potential concussion. Let’s take a look at the list of the best concussion wearables available for all;


Hiji Band is a concussion detector for all sports. It is a “Movement Interactive” band by Eric Luster aimed at youth sports. The band is capable of alerting at the exact moment the concussion is about to happen.

As soon as a traumatic Brain Injury occurs, the band beeps to alert players that they have to leave the field and consult an expert advice. The connected app will also send an instant alert to players’ parents and coaches. Although it has been aimed at youth, the band is equally important and beneficial for the pros. It protects and alarms you on the proper time. You can now fight against serious head injuries.


Hiji Band




Jolt Sensor has been designed with an aim to protect sports pros from head injuries and concussions effectively. This small piece of wearable device can be clipped to any type of headgear such as a helmet. As soon as the sensor is connected, it sends instant data regarding the pros and cons of concussions.

The app also assesses the athletes’ condition and sends the feedback to coach and trainers within no time. Along with a long battery life and sending signals in a long range, Jolt sensor is light and doesn’t disturb the athletes at all. Moreover, it also filters out the false concussion alerts. The sensor also provides with different pieces of advice and ways through which players’ can effectively recover.

Jolt Sensor is a leader in concussion wearable world. You can read more about it here.


Jolt Sensor


$99 USD


FITGuard is a sport wearable to measure concussion force. FITGuard is a basically a smart mouthguard. It detects the severity of the concussion and uses LED light embedded inside the wearable to indicate the intensity of the force. It also links up with an app to provide coach or parent with real-time insight into the injury and the impact.

The users can also make their separate profile for further deep analysis. The company has claimed that the data will be used to further grow the product. FITGuard is significant concussion wearable in a sense that it is simple and detects at the utmost while keeping you updated with the severity of the situation on the same hand.






X-Patch Pro by X2 Biosystems is a wearable head impact monitor. This is the most efficient wearable for a concussion on the list. The successor of this monitor proved to reduce head impacts and other injuries by 30%-70%. X-Patch Pro is built on the same monitoring system the Patch was built on. The X-Patch Pro encourages the use in the range of sports and activities. It can be worn directly on skin or as a part of nearly any helmet or protective headgear.

In the case of potential injuries, the data can be viewed in real time by the trainers, coaches, and doctors for understanding the real impact and extent of injuries. Else, the data is stored and you can easily view it later. X-Patch Pro has a database of more than 5.5 million records of head impacts and it will help bring change in habits of the players.

You can read more about it here.


Young football players can now wear HitGard for their protection. It is a football helmet designed for children aged 5-13. HitGard is built of a two-piece “soft” shell. The material or the covering is soft that is why it changes from the helmet regular football players wear. The professional helmet is just in one-piece, heavy and is made of very hard shell.

HitGard is manufactured in such a way that it will reduce the potential danger of rotational acceleration of the brain. It means that, like other helmets, which only protect your head from straight line injuries which cause linear movement of the brain with skull, SkiGard protect the wearers from rotational and other improper-angled hits.


BayTech Products


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