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4 Wannabe Superhero Wearable Ideas!

Smart watches are just too mainstream now. With the regular features including fitness and little bit of entertainment, we all surely does not want to own any watch now! It seems like our word has gotten into Mark Rolston’s mind.

Mark Rolston is the CEO of Argodesign. And his firm has just introduced four unique wearable concepts that do not include the word “watch” in it. Fascinating though?

What’s more is that, according to the CEO himself; these wearables are not only your fitness tracker but they will give you strength and qualities of “superpowers”.  According to him, the new wearables will give us the power to hear more. And this urge to be better, the quest to be among the finest, will lead us to be the ones’ who will be drooling to have such devices.



Do you know about Kinesio tape? Well! Than this is the practical, or to be more specific soon-to-be practical version of the tape itself. By the concept, it is a stick on, artificial muscle that is going to work as the real one. It will be tapping your left shoulder to tell you to take the turn, as instructed by the GPS or supporting your muscles while having a butterfly lap in the pool.

The new device will be a sport of connection between you and the information your body needs to have. Rolston revealed that there was a previous rendition of this wearable which was a belt. The belt was built for a purpose to tighten your stomach so that you cannot eat much.




This idea is personally my favorite! Because if you are one of those people who get all shaky when signing a new document or fails miserably to draw even a perfect circle. This is the right thing for you.

The Ouijiband is an electronic counterweight that will be fixed to your wrist. It uses gimbal and a gyroscope to smooth you movements and physical expressions when necessary.

What’ most beneficial is that the device can also be worn by the surgeons so they could perform incision perfectly without any hands shaking.

This is one of the concepts we would love to see in reality.



The Snapchat IRL. Is a neckband that faculties the IR light discharged by cameras amid their self-focus succession. It flames back a blinding counter-flash to ensure your obscurity. It’s a totally standalone-prepared gadget, No cell phone is required.

Snapchat IRL likewise has a cautious earpiece that permits you to have a private discussion with somebody in the room with whom you’ve chosen to connect with.

Rolston best described this idea as;

“Take the apps that have become new social engines, and ask yourself, ‘Can those things be moved into the physical universe so we don’t have to live through the 5.5-inch screen? Snapchat looked in the digital world and said, ‘Some conversations you want to keep private.’ We asked, ‘How do we put that idea in the regular world?”

Umm.. Well! This device will be having its own “personal” uses too.



The best gossip over-hearing device. Yes! That’s what this idea is all about. It is an actually a Bose noise-canceling headphone. You can simply point to someone in the whole room, and all the other voices will fade away except from the person you have pointed.

It is also going to be a helper for your smartphones. It would have all of your contacts inside. And it would be able to connect you to anyone, at any time, through immersive 3-D sound rather than awkward teleconferencing.

Rolston described this product as;

“If this is the next gen iPhone, the idea of spatially placing people could be phenomenal. Your wife could speak into your right ear while you were in a meeting with people. It’d be like a secretary or friend coming up to whisper, ‘I know you’re busy, but remember to pick up your kid.”

We all know these ideas are too good to be real. But the company and management are working very hard and are over enthusiastic to have all the things in the right place. Let’s wait to see if these ideas ever get to see the light of the day.

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Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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