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3D Printed Soccer Shin Guard By Zweikampf Are The Future Of The Sports Wearables

3D Printed Soccer Shin Guards By Zweikampf Are The Future Of The Sports Wearables

3D printing is making its way to the sports tech world too. Different wearables with different concepts of 3D technology to it are fast emerging. And, the latest addition to it is by the Zweikampf, an Austrian startup. The company is the newest addition in the world of 3D printing sports technology.

The company has produced a stylish, sleek and a pleasant looking skin guard for the soccer players. Using the latest Zweikampf’s XRD technology paired with 3D printing, this soccer shin guard is the sleekest, light and thin shin guard available in the market nowadays.

The shin guard by the company is composed of three different layers. The first layer is the “soft touch layer,” which stays in a firm and direct contact with the shin of the player. The second layer is the “custom layer,” this layer can be customized to maximize both the performance and the comfort zone of the user. The third and the last covering is the “3D shell” which offers uncompromised protection.

The shin guard by Zweikampf is not the first to introduce 3D printing into the Sports equipment. New Balance and Under Armour are already two companies which are making wearables embedded with 3D technology. Similarly, GuardLab which is a custom mouthguard company is also utilizing 3D moulds to create them. However, all of the mentioned companies are not interested in creating new sports wearables or products, but, they are interested in the use of latest technology in developing the products.

Zweikampf’s 3D printed Shin guard promises a new future of sports wearables and equipment. The product would not only be beneficial for the soccer players but it will also provide them with security and satisfaction.


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