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$24 Fitness Tracker by Wyza and a Smart Scale for $20 Available Now for Order

Wyze, a brand based in Seattle, which used to be a home appliances technology company has expanded into a wearable technology brand as well. It stepped into the wearable market by manufacturing a smart fitness wristband which had Alexa in it. It also manufactured a smart scale and both these devices have been launched to public or a very low price and affordable price.

Wyze has specialised in developing home appliances and devices in budget range which do not cost too much to break your bank. It’s list of developed devices include lock and plug, smart lightbulb and many wireless cameras. Wyze was established back in 2017 only and just in these few years it has found a lot of success. It was founded by someone who was just annoyed by the lack of inexpensive and less costly smart cameras in the market. Thus, he took it upon himself to solve this problem.

Wyze has now made an entry in the wearables market. A scale and a fitness band were predicted to come as it was indicated by Wyze in list of products that were to be released in 2020. This fitness band had Alexa in it which is not very surprising considering the fact that it was manufactured by a brand that specialises in manufacturing smart home appliances and devices. This wristband can turn lights on and off, and it can connect to other smart home appliances. It also has a built in mic which can be used for communication, a rectangular 0.95 inch colour screen with AMOLED Display with the resolution of 120×240 pixels and 282 pixels per inch. At the bottom, a capacitive button can be seen.

Wyze has also launched a smart weighing scale which only runs on four AAA batteries. It not only measures weight but also spits out percentage of body fat, heart rate, lean body mass and more.

Both these products can be order now on Wyze website and the band will start shipping from the 7th of April while the scale will ship as soon as 27th March this year.

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