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2018 Sports Tank Arena – NewYork

There has been massive progress in the sports industry in all these years. With the sports booming with new, unique and functional technology and the bombardment of ideas almost every



day, the 2018 Sports Tank gives a chance to all the fresh and noteworthy companies to come and present their innovations and product to the group of investors at the Sports Tank.


Sports Tank is the world’s biggest event specified for sports which is providing all sorts of opportunities to the sports based start-ups and entrepreneurs to pitch in their ideas strategically to the investors.

The TPG Sports group is inviting all the sports minded entrepreneurs to come and share their ideas and innovations at Sports Tank. TPG will then provide the five selected companies a trip to Sports Tank, NewYork, with all of their expenses paid (travel as well as accommodation!)

Next Gen Arena:

TPG has expanded the ‘Next Gen Arena’ which is a platform for the start-ups in their early stages (this is separate from the Sports Tank finalists) to demonstrate their businesses to the sports executives, investors and many other special guests from the sports industry. Two of the participating companies will be given a chance to showcase their talent at Sports Tank.

How to Apply:

It’s free for all. Fill out the form.

All applications must be filled out and submitted by March 10, 2018.

On 1st April, 2018, the top five start-ups will be allowed to present their pitch at the Sports Tank from where they will receive an all paid trip to NewYork.

50 early stage start-ups will present their companies at the Next Gen Arena on April 30. Here 2 companies will be selected.

On May 1st, the 5 start-up companies and the 2 early stage start-up will go live at Sports Tank, NewYork.

“Last year FanWide participated in the Sports Tank’s Next Gen Arena, and we had the opportunity to meet dozens of sports technology investors and influencers. It was one of the most worthwhile events that we have participated in, we are now in discussions about the possibility of an investment with Sports Tank sponsor, the football co., and were invited to Germany to pitch in the leAD sports accelerator.”
– Symon Perriman, President & Founder, FanWide

“We’re excited to be back at Sports Tank after making an investment and building countless relationships. Sports Tank allows us to leverage our network and help these companies grow globally. There’s no event like it out there.” -Jake Ireland, Hickory VC

“You’re not going to get this opportunity anywhere, you’re not going to have the ability to pitch your idea in one setting in front of sports executives and these investors and get the ability to have the opportunity 1 on 1 to pitch your idea and have those networking opportunities.” -Chrystal Rowe, 18 year NFL Executive



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