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2eyes: Front and back facing HD camera to record all your moves



2eyes is a front and back facing HD camera lens that shoot high quality video or pics from opposite directions at once. Along with it, if 2eyes user is getting into an accident and if it causes him any harm, 2eyes will automatically send the vision to the site, or if an accident doesn’t cause any harm, but someone is threatening towards the user, he can hold the button on the side of the camera and it will automatically send it to the website.

“Pretty much if anyone is threatening me, I can say sorry, it’s already been sent and it probably got a vision of you threatening me, so you may as well back off,” exemplifies Dodd.

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The best part is that the footage sent to the website can be forwarded: “There is a function  that will send SMS or e-mail to the person whose number you have put in, a friend or someone you trust who could contact the police if something happens or it can be that you get injured and the video goes to a friend or they get notified by it. They see it, see that you’re on your own, hopefully, they know where you were and they can actually get someone or they can go there and see if you’re okay.”

The camera is provided with the GPS-system and it isn’t for the accidents only, it is also an action camera you have never seen before! ”When I first developed it I thought “oh this is okay”, but when I actually got the vision of using two cameras (front and back), that just opened up the whole new world of the excitement you can get the fun of whatever you are doing! Even things that seem mundane like going through traffic, all of a sudden when you can see cars coming at you and then going behind you or motorbikes coming up or when you’re in a group of motorbikes, what’s happening around you! You’re sitting at home and instead of this one-dimensional experience, all of a sudden you’re like in the middle of it again, it’s a great experience!” Dodd sounds excited.

He promises that 2eyes will be an action camera that does everything that a GoPro or any of the spin-offs of that do, plus it adds a dimension. “You’re sitting back in the middle of the action, I mean you’re skiing, snowboarding, surfing, motor crossing, everything you want to do that has anything happening around you, it’s the best thing to film it with.”


2eyes camera can be bought with the GRIP which is the handpiece that has the same sort of controls on it as a small camera. It’s got a little toggle button with the menu and when it’s detached it’s still connected wirelessly to the 2eyes, so the user can use that to look on the screen and see what both of the cameras are looking at to make sure it’s aimed properly. On the GRIP, the camera can be used as a point and shoot camera (works like a pistol grip!), it has two buttons on it, one for shooting the video and another one for making individual photos. There is no need to reset it, so it’s a lot easier to use then what a normal camera is.


2eyes can be set for one lens, two lenses, the user can choose which one of the lenses he wants to use. It can also be set up to take an ultimate selfie that will show what the user is looking at as well as the user himself looking at it! “So if you standing up on a mountain, looking down at the great view, you can take a photo that shows the view, it shows you and the mountain behind you, it’s the whole new dimension to how to use the camera,” John Dodd, the inventor of 2eyes explains. 2eyes can also be put on a drone, so the user could fly the drone and see what the drone is seeing.

For details, you can visit 2eyes website.