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​Under Armour Smart Golf Shoes Tested By Jordan Spieth

Under Armour has been on a top line when it comes to the sports tech. The company has been working hard to make its mark with the sports technology. This time, the company has been testing its Smart Golf Shoes.

Under Armour Smart Golf sShoe Tested By Jordan Spieth

The prototype of the Golf shoes was openly flaunted by Jordan Spieth at last weekend’s The Open golf championship. Spieth, a fully paid-up Under Armour ambassador, was noted wearing the golf version of the Speedform Gemini 2 Record equipped smart running shoe. The smart running shoe was released earlier this year.

Coming to the specs of this great shoe, they are fitted with an accelerometer. The shoe is capable of estimating distance covered, the speed of the wearer, calories burned and the number of steps taken. In the previous version of the shoe, this capability allowed the users to run with precision and smart technology. On the other hand, the Under Armour smart show is based on the golf users only. They are tweaked for walking the course. The distance could be as vast as walking around 10km around the course.

Under Armour Smart Golf Shoes Tested By Jordan Spieth

What’s more, is that the Under Armour smart golf shoes are capable of doing a lot more we could have imagined. The company published the results of the Spieth’s test and found out that the smart shoes can capture a lot of the users who play golf. The shoes recorded 13,541 steps and 1,984 calories burned on the final round.

Under Armour hasn’t announced when the new shoes will be announced. It seems that the company is really working hard, this time, to hit the sports world with a bang.

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