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Wearables to broadcast live player analytics in NHL World Cup of Hockey 2016

National Hockey League in an unprecedented move has announced that during the upcoming World Cup of Hockey 2016, wearables will be used to transmit players data to game broadcasters for real-time as well post-game analysis.

The event scheduled from September 17th to October 1st will see SportsVision, NHL partner track player details such as ice time, zone time, shots, distance, shot and player speed, puck trajectory, player travel and possession data. The data will then be transmitted using SAP platform to the broadcasters i.e ESPN and Sportsnet.

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This will be done using 750 pucks that will be created specifically for the World Cup. These pucks will resemble an NHL puck by every angle though they will be fitted with tracking technology. Players’ jerseys will also feature a small tracking chip. Furthermore, infrared cameras will be positioned through the venue.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman says

“What’s really great about using the technology in this tournament is it’s two weeks, it’s in one place and it really gives us an opportunity to test it before we have to decide whether or not we’re going to unleash it on 1,230 regular-season games (and) if you include the outdoor games, more than 30 different venues.”

NHL Executive Vice President of Digital Media and Strategic Planning Steve McArdle said the League will use the World Cup of Hockey as an opportunity to examine the use of player and puck tracking. If it is a success, it could be worth implementing in the NHL season.

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