1Trago Smart Water Bottle

The Trago insulated stainless steel water bottle has the ability to track the amount of water you consume through out the day by measuring the fluid consumption in real-time, anywhere, anytime and then sending it electronically by synchronising it to your phone or other fitness devices. It is able to do this due to its patented sonar technology

Make Every Drop Matter:

Your fluid levels will be monitored by the sonar technology within the bottle that is so precise, it is capable of measuring your water intake “to a fraction of an ounce”. And the best thing is that it can measure any fluids contained within the bottle, not just water…


The sonar technology is capable of sending your water intake right from your water bottle straight to your Trago app and many fitness devices such as the Google Fit, Apple Healthkit, Fitbit and the UA Record. This enables all users to see the impact that the Trago water bottle has.

Never Off:

This device runs of a single coin cell battery and has one of the longest battery lives for smart water bottles due to it having enough battery life for 6 months , however this is dependant on the use of the bottle.

Price Colours:

All Trago water bottles are $69.99 at Trago and you can either buy a black, blue or in stainless steel.