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Super Mario Smartwatch Limited Edition Specs & Availability

Here are the details regarding Super Mario Smartwatch Limited Edition Specs & Availability.
With a surprisingly unique partnership between the Swiss giant watchmaker Tag Heuer and Nintendo, the outcome is this brand new design based on Nintendo’s very popular game. To be priced at around $2150 (that’s too too much, and you can buy around 5 Apple Watch Series 6s in the same amount!).
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Over the years, we have noticed Nintendo being super protective regarding copyrights of its characters and games. We have never seen any cheap Super Mario stuff in the markets or of any other popular theme related to Nintendo. It’s a good thing as the company’s reputation stands gracefully. However, a few partnerships have been made including that of a theme park based on the game and a few mobile games developed on the same theme.

Recently, Nintendo joined hands with Tag Heuer which is well known for making excellent but very expensive timepieces. With an agreement for a limited edition, they plan to make out only 2000 units for now.

Very stylish and elegant-looking timepiece it is, but the price tag is still not justified!

With matching colours as the Super Mario theme, little Mario animations pop up throughout the day to provide you with updates and notifications. Stay active and keep meeting your goals, and Mario will pop up. It’s fun, especially for kids.

Actually, this watch is a remake of the smartwatch that was launched by Tag Heuer last year. It was a Wear OS gadget priced at $2000. It had supreme design and quality and got a high ranking in the wearable market. Now this version has been crafted with utmost superiority. Since it is based on the Mario theme, has a red rubber strap and the letter “M” on the dial. It comes enclosed in a red coloured case which measures only 45mm in diameter.

With a GPS tracking feature available and a 24/7 heart rate monitor, the battery life is also really good. The smartwatch can give you six and twenty hours of battery life with its 430 mAh battery. The Super Mario Smartwatch Limited Edition is a gadget to look forward to, comes with guaranteed performance and design schema.


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