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Samsung Brainband Strives To Detect Concussions In Various Sports

Samsung Australia has recently designed a new wearable that is a key to preventing head injuries and concussions during the sports like Rugby and the NFL championships. The band closely monitors the concussions and any chances that it might be prevailing.

Brainband is a rubber strap that is strapped around the head of an athlete. It is similar to the sweatband but it is packed with various sensors which will read the brain movements. There is a series of LED lights situated at the back side of the band which will indicate when a player is hit. There are separate yellow, orange and red flashing lights which indicate the severity of the hit.

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Samsung Brainband Strives To Detect Concussions In Various Sports

All the data is then sent to a connected tablet, Smartwatch or a Smartphone within no time. All the information can be accessed by the coaches, trainers and medical teams so they can gauge the intensity of the situation.Samsung has claimed that the real-time data provision to the right people at the right time will release many injuries and their impacts on the athletes during the matches.This way the medical team can effectively treat a player. Brainband can also log a player’s impact history over a season or their career.

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Samsung Brainband Strives To Detect Concussions In Various Sports

The accessed information can help the players to understand what kind of impact they will have to face if they stay on the field for a long time during injuries.

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Creators of the Brainband, Industrial designer Braden Wilson and neuroscientist Alan Pearce have currently designed 10 various prototypes for the headband. Samsung Australia is also helping the creators to make this product the best idea. Let’s see how this amazing wearable kit turns out to be.

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