Neyya Smart Ring puts the world on your fingers

Smart Jewelry is breaking all the records for some time now. Although, most people think that it is relatively a new tech but the Smart jewelry especially smart rings are here for more than a year or two. But, as soon as wearable industry made a strong foot hold, smart rings and other jewelry have also surfaced as the winners.

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In the midst of tech and wearable chaos, a “smart” smart ring named as Neyya has released with a complete interface tool for all sort of devices. The ring is made of a pure, stainless steel. The base is steel while the top part of the ring is smooth and textured. A capacitive touchpad with a tiny indicator LED is also included.

Neyya Smart Ring puts the world on your fingers

The main purpose of the touchpad in this ring is to work as an interface. The surface of the touchpad can work as directed; you can swipe up, down, left, right as well as press or tap for many other features. Neyya has nearly 10 days of battery life on standby. On regular use it can work up to three days. The Smart ring gets its power from a built-in lithium ion battery.

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The ring can easily be paired with an iOS device. Through connecting via Bluetooth to iPhone or PC, you can use all the functions that are assisted and control by ring. Also, with an iPhone connection, the smart ring can also work as the selection control for iTunes app as well as voice controller. The Neyya app also promises large number of other features controlled by the ring including Roku and GoPro devices or using it as a presentation tool in apps like PowerPoint.

Neyya Smart Ring puts the world on your fingers

You can also answer phone calls through ring. Neyya would light up and vibrate whenever there is call coming up. There are number of appealing features, but the ring’s design is definitely not one of them. It is just a mainstream looking band and not a Smart ring at all.

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The ring has almost got a positive response from audience other than the design. It is available in gold finish or titanium finish priced at $169 and $129, respectively. It can be ordered from Amazon, Target or either directly from the company’s website.

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