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Mpower is a revolutionary muscle strength training sports wearable

Building your strength and training yourself to get perfect muscles is not a child’s play. You need to check each and everything for perfect results and good performance, which you possibly can’t all by yourself. This is where Mpower jumps in.

Mpower is a novel sports wearable which is meant for training purposes. The device has the capability to measure your muscle strength and tell you how to schedule your training as per results.

Mpower is expected to change the way athletes strength train!

Mpower is a simple 23 gram pod which is attached to the area around your muscles. During exercises, the EMG electrical signals are produced by the muscles. Using, the surface EMG (sEMG) technology, the pod will measure them. The information is then sent to a connected Smartphone app. The data is analyzed and different training charts and objectives are showed to make your training better.

The Mpower app centers on different muscle building athletic details. It can provide information on muscle fatigue, maximum muscle activation power and fast muscle fiber activation levels etc. Mpower does not tell you to endure pain to gain strength, but it activates in you the power to have more strength than ever. It continuously provokes you by explaining you different methods which will help you in muscle building, without any external help.

Mpower is expected to change the way athletes strength train!

The Mpower is a brainchild of Mika Herrala, a biophysics and muscle expert. The technology is expected to launch by May this year. The product is expected to range between $377 and $1508 for different models. It is currently up on Indiegogo for fundraising. If you like the idea, you can back it too now.

Mpower is going to get a tough completion from different other companies who have established themselves in the athletic sector or are striving to do so. With so many wearables and stunning tech on the way, there is a chance that Mpower can stammer due to its expected high pricing.

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