Heart rate monitors have become a go-to wearable and tech for the athletes. Mio Global has remained in the front, by creating an ease for the athletes in this regard. This time around, the company is making heart rate monitoring more mod by taking heart rate monitors to ultra-level with the devices which would be worn on the wrist.

Heart On Wrist- Mio Global Makes It Easier For Athletes To Monitor Heart Rate

The company which has been founded by Liz Dickinson has announced around $15 million in Series B funding led by Hydra Ventures. Mio intends to use this funding, in order, to develop an AI-based sensor along with analytics platform contained by Personal Activity Intelligence or PAI which is a metric the company has announced to measure heart rate to observe the body’s answer to certain physical activities.

PAI technology was invented by Dr. Ulrik Wilsoff, Exercise physiologist, and the Head of Cardiac Exercise Research Group. This innovation provides a customized answer to each user about their monitoring data and other details. In response to the physical activities, the users earn points on the basis of goals fulfilled.

In addition to PAI, Mio plans to use some of the money to launch Mio SLICE, a new line of wrist-based wearables that will capture 24-hour heart rate data and show PAI directly on a user’s wristband.

Heart On Wrist- Mio Global Makes It Easier For Athletes To Monitor Heart Rate

Dickinson, in a statement, said;

“The era of the heart rate has finally arrived. Multiple wearables offer accessible, unobtrusive heart rate monitoring, yet most consumers do not fully agree with the heart rate sensing capabilities or do not know how to make sense of heart rate data. PAI solves this problem by using one simple metric that is far more meaningful and personalized than counting 10,000 steps. This new investment will be used to fuel continued growth and develop future technologies that will improve global health.”

Apart from rejuvenating the PAI technology, Mio plans to use some of the funding for launching Mio SLICE. SLICE is going to be a new range of wrist-based wearables that will capture the heart rate data, all day long, and will show the PAI data directly to the wristband.

Not to forget, Mio Global has become the first ever company to introduce continuous optical heart rate sensor in sports wristwatch.