List Of Wearables Every Tennis Player Should Have!

If you are a tennis player and want to analyze your gaming statistics with the help of wearable, there are tons of such devices available in the market. However, the problem is that there are so many that you cannot decide which wearable to opt for.

Few tennis wearables or trackers are better in providing with in-depth analyses of the game while other will tell you how fine your strokes were. Every player has his high and lows and, similarly, different wearable compliments their different needs.

So, if you are a tennis geek and thinking to buy a tracker or a wearable anytime soon, we have considered helping you. Below is the list of the Tennis wearables available in the market, which is really going to satisfy your game-improvement craving.

Read the list and decide the device which suits you the most:

1. ScoreBand PRO:

This list is not rank based, but, if I have to rank it this Sport watch is definitely going to make till the top position. It is not an ordinary sports watch but rather a multi-dimensional sports tracking wearable. It has different modes which help runners, golfers and tennis players too.

As far as the tennis mode is concerned, it lets you set the match, track your game and set the match score to analyze. Tennis mode also allows “Player Serve indicator” (“P1″/”P2”). You can see elapsed time and set tie-breaking scoring options. It lets you figure out your data pre and post tennis match.

You can read more about ScoreBand PRO here.






2. PIQ Sensor:

PIQ Sensor ensures your best tennis performance. It has been named as the first connected wristband around the world. The sensor has been made in partnership with Babolat which is a racquet manufacturing company.

The wearable collects your data within no time. It allows you to see your data instantly and let you compare with the other fellow players with the sensor. It collects the stroke speed, measures your amplitude and shot metrics, tracks your G force and trajectory etc. PIQ also lets you know about the best PIQ score, best stroke, serve, rally and performance in each session.





3. POP:

Pop is another tennis sensor which is the product of PIQ and Babolat’s partnership. The wearable is capable of tracking your all metrics relevant to the tennis at the field. The product is aimed at making tennis fun, while, improving your performance at the same time.

The sensors collect numerous data including angles at which the ball is strike, serve speeds, the player’s top score and different ways through which a player should reposition their style for a better shot. POP has thirteen different access sensors. There are two accelerometers to find the peak moment. Moreover, there is even a built-in gyroscope that can see angles and everything inside. The display is shock-proof and very clear. POP has definitely refined tennis industry.

You can read in detail about the POP venture between PIQ and Babolat here.





4. Zepp Tennis Kit:

The Zepp tennis Kit has a simple sensor which can be attached to the racquet too. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. This Bluetooth sensor is capable of measuring a whole lot of data. The Zepp Tennis sensor is capable of measuring shot type, power, sweet spot, time spent on court and spin etc.

The most unique feature of this sensor is that it has three dimensional real-time analysis of your stroke. It means that you can view your stroke data from different angles. The device can run for 8 hours straight, so, it permits you to record the analytics of the whole game. What’s more is that Zepp also has the same sensor for basketball and golf players. You can read Zepp Tennis review here



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5. Smash Wearable:

Smash is an amazing and smashing wristband. So, it is not a typical tennis sensor. It depends upon the usage that you can convert it into a tennis wearable too.

Smash is capable of measuring and calculating the accuracy and the method of the player. It implies that you can check if your playing strategy is correct or not. There are various challenges and goals which motivate the player to complete their target, resulting in the improvement of performance.




Smash Wearables

6. Sony Smart Tennis:

Sony has also jumped into the tracking and sports wearables world for a year and two, now. It is a standalone Bluetooth-equipped racquet sensor. You can pair it with different models from specific manufacturers like Prince, Yonex and Wilson.

Sony’s Smart Tennis Device utilizes motion and wave detecting sensors. Furthermore, there is a vibration analysis technology which is capable of measuring various classes of strokes and defining them to your through a Smartphone app. You can also view your performance analysis after the match.




Amazon, Wilson

7. iSetWatch:

iSetWatch is not a record-breaking wearable. It is a simple tennis watch, which debuted exactly a year ago in CES 2015. The watch has the technology and the working similar to the mainstream Casio Smartwatch, but its functioning and all the other elements are aimed at Tennis only.

It has a two-buttoned scoring system. You can control all your game through simple two buttons. You can dissect the information of all the game through the watch after the game. Moreover, your tennis fan following can also view your tennis game scores etc. This is done with the help of Jeff from accounts via the app, which connects to your watch by Bluetooth LE.