International Data Corporation (IDC) has made a prediction that smartwatches will be dominating the wearable tech market for next four years at least and these smartwatches will also be vital in keeping your fitness and health under a check.
Wearable tech’s worldwide shipments are likely to cross the 125.3 million units mark by the end of this year, out of which 72.8 million units are smartwatches alone. That means, smartwatches alone make 58% of the shipments. As compared to last year, this is a significant 8.5% rise in global shipment. At this rate, experts have predicted that the shipments are likely to get as far as 189.9 million units by the end of year 2022. Out of those 189.9 million units, smartwatches alone are expected to be around 120.2 million units.

Apple Watch’s Watch OS is expected to stay on top as wearable tech’s most popular operating system even though it is expected that it will not be as popular as it is right now. Wearable devices running on Android OS and Wear OS are predicted to be not very far behind in this popularity contest of operating systems. To put things in to perspective, Watch OS is expected to have 35.8% share in wearable market followed by Android OS’s 22.4% shares and Wear OS’s 19.8% share as predicted by the researchers at International Data Corporation.
“Smartwatch operating systems will emphasize connection, not only between users but between wearers and other smart devices and systems,” Ramon Llamas, IDC’s research assistant, stated in his press release. “Expect further developments focus on health with the smartwatch playing a critical role in tracking your health goals and detecting potential ailments.”
Wireless earphones, earbuds, headsets and other earwear products are predicted to expand their hold in wearable market as well but not as much as smartwatches, which are already without a doubt, the undisputed figureheads of the wearable tech industry.