Global Sports Inc. is a crowdfunding platform that connects sports fans with sports startups seeking to raise capital. “Crowdfunding Meets Sports”. The platform is dedicated to the sports sector. Currently startups that have either a viable prototype or product can raise capital using their platform. These startups generally need to raise capital to manufacture and launch their product to market. By running a campaign not only do they get exposure but also are able to test the potential demand for their product. The advantages for early investors are they are the first people to receive the product which is exclusive and normally initially limited. Sports charities can also raise capital through donations which allows early investors to contribute to the future generation of athletes and help underprivileged children participate in a sport they would not normally be able to.

Kickstarters and Indiegogo covers number of sectors whereas Global Sports is dedicated for sports.

The two main, best known crowdfunding platforms are Kickstarter and Indiegogo who cater to the general market covering a number of sectors. Global Sports is different to these mainstream platforms as they are concentrated in a specific sector connecting two very distinct groups. On larger crowdfunding platforms there were not enough sports fans and campaigns receive little to no assistance in the marketing of their campaigns. The company take a hands on approach, getting to know each sports product and charity, and then leading the marketing efforts for those organisations. The curated list of sports fans ensures that their campaigns are marketed directly to those individuals who will know and understand the product, sports fans.

“GS Rewards” is the first ever crowdfunding rewards program. This program will be rolled out as a pilot scheme later this year, however members can join this program by visiting the page here. GS Rewards offers members additional benefits on top of the benefits within each campaign. Global Sports believe that rewarding the member’s loyalty over the long-term will foster a truly inclusive ecosystem.

Additionally, the company have just launched “GS Flex,” another first in the crowdfunding space, which allows members the flexibility to spread out their contributions in certain campaigns. The company further promises to launch new benefits for early adaptors and campaign owners over the coming months in order to make their platform unique and better from the norm! Another difference is the exposure a campaign will receive on their platform.

The company’s aim is to add new campaigns and users on a weekly basis over the coming months and build the Global Sports brand and community. Furthermore, sports equity campaign will be launched soon which will allow investors the ability to become a shareholder in private companies. By also allowing startups to not only offer products but also ownership in their business, Global Sports will become the one-stop shop for any sports companies’ financing needs.

In the next 12 months, the company intend to bring both teams and athletes onto their platform, offering equity stakes in their brands to fans. What this means is, fans will have the ability to have true ownership in their favourite teams, with a claim to profits and a say in decision making. Global Sports will be the go to sports crowdfunding platform for both sports fans and sports startups.