Facebook Messenger Room Broadcast Service feature added successfully. Facebook has finally allowed Live Broadcast service for the people using their Messenger Rooms. Updated this week only, this is Facebook’s entirely new feature.

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The social network must have considered to raise its game against Zoom, that has lately been in use by billions across the globe. Also, they might have thought of increasing the engagements of people whilst they are already in the Messenger Rooms.

Facebook Messenger Room feature lets a maximum of 50 people create a call via a link. Now with this added feature in its already existing program, people can broadcast their Room chats Live. People can broadcast directly through their groups or chat rooms, Facebook pages or even via their profiles on their timelines. When the room goes ‘Live’, then the members of the room can either opt to stay or leave before the broadcast even begins.

facebook Messenger Room
Facebook Messenger Room allows a maximum of 50 people to join in

Although this new feature has already begun, there is a certain catch to it. Number of participants is limited to 50 people per chat group and the users will always need a link to join in. Moreover, the admin or moderator is free to dismiss people from the group if they desire.

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These Facebook Messenger Room Broadcast began their initial service from April this year. As corona virus spread further in later months, Facebook decided to keep with the latest trends and needs of the people. Therefore, it expanded the feature to add in live broadcast service too.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger Rooms

Already, a Zoom call can be streamed live via Facebook. Now, a Messenger Room Chat can be streamed live too. This new feature has been introduced in a limited scope, it will be expanded globally within some time. People have already begun using it and are learning their way through it.