Coros Wearables will now serve as the official maps and GPS watch sponsor for the marathon.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with such a prestigious race while also supporting the Children of Vineyard Workers Scholarship Fund. As a brand, we have a unique focus on the trail and ultra-running communities and this partnership will allow Coros to showcase our watches amongst the very best of the sport while also doing a lot of good for the local community,” said Lewis Wu.

Lewis is the CEO of Coros Wearables. With this sponsorship, there be representatives of Coros wearables at a number of events all through the race weekend. Participants will be welcomed to tests smartwatches and other Coros products. These watches have an impressive 35-hour long battery life with active GPS which will help the runners to navigate through the maps on their watches.

“Lake Sonoma 50 is a great race with a competitive field, but it is really about supporting the community here in Sonoma County. We are always excited to find a new partner who is as passionate about supporting our mission as we are. Coros is going to be a great addition to our wonderful family of sponsors,” said Skip Brand. Skip is the Director of Lake Sonoma 50 marathon.

This fifty-mile-long marathon helps the vineyard workers by providing scholarships for their children. It was held eleven years ago for the first time and is still being held every year now. Location of this marathon is just 10 miles away from the city of Healdsburg, CA.

Many of the Coros’ Pro Athlete team members will be competing for the gold in this marathon which is to be held on 13th of April, 2019. Camille Herron is also a part of this team. She is known for holding the world record of 24 hours.