Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Augmented reality (AR)

Wearables focusing on Augmented reality

Garmin’s VIRB 360 Making Your Adventures 360-degree Spherical.

Garmin has always been a market leader in terms of gadgets that utilizes its GPS technology, along the likes of smartwatches, action cameras etc. Taking a step forward, Garmin has released...

Magic Leap – The Mysterious Tech

Magic Leap is working on the future of augmented reality technology and it has released videos to give a sneak peak of what is in the making. By looking at the...

Microsoft HoloLens – The Mixed Reality

Microsoft HoloLens has been making headlines for a while now, being one of the finest augmented reality headsets. It is expected to be launched this year but no confirmed date of...

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Sports? Intel Answers The Question

Virtual Reality (VR) is seen as the new cutting edge invention in the field of technology. People have been wondering about the extent to which this new tech can change the...

Raptor AR Smartglasses – The Instant Data Provider Sports Wearable For Cyclists

Augmented Reality has just become a reality! Just a rumoured concept months ago, AR has now taken the tech world by storm. Owing to the increasing popularity of this concept, Everysight...

Golfstream adds Augmented Reality (AR) to Golf

A team of NASA/JPL rocket scientists and roller coaster engineers have built a patent-pending greens that changes topography to simulate famous golf courses around the world. It then projects a laser...

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