Sunday, December 17, 2017

Smart Sleeve – Cricket Wearable for Detecting Illegal Bowling Action

As we know that there is a rule in the International Cricket Council (ICC) that arm of the bowler could not swing more than 15 degrees while he is bowling. If...

Suunto Spartan Sport Comes To Rescue Athletes’ Facing Problems

Wearable technology has become the choice of athletes for their training and other practice related stuff. Eventually, every other wearable is coming to the terms with the overgrowing usage of this...
Samsung Ahead Smart Helmet Trademarked

Samsung Ahead Smart Helmet Trademarked

Samsung patented for a smart helmet called “Ahead” during the start of this year. The patented piece is basically a triangular device which will connect to the helmet with the help...

Cricket Australia to use wearable with Missile Technology to improve bowling

Use of wearable in sports is not new however Cricket Australia went ahead of their competitors by using a sophisticated missile technology -TORPEDO- to aid its pacers. Australia’s fast bowlers will be...

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