Sunday, December 17, 2017
SmackCap protects the sports player from head injuries and concussions

SmackCap protects the player from head injuries and concussions

Concussion is one of the biggest problems the athletes have to face when it comes to games and injuries. However, there is a chance that football can become safer with SmackCap....

MAGICOACH – The 1st Football GPS with Mobile App

Have you ever imagined that you could have tactical and physical statistics of your game? Analyse your heatmaps as the ones you see on TV Broadcasting and compare them with your...
Zepp Play Soccer - The Next Generation Of In-Game Sensors

Zepp Play Soccer – The Next Generation Of In-Game Sensors

Zepp has been a one of its kind name in the world of sports wearables. The company, with quality products, has shot to heights with the amazing features it offers. This time,...

SockIt improves young soccer player’s shooting techniques by lightening up

There are many wearables out in the market designed for soccer (or football for European visitors). However, most of these products are either designed for professional athletes to track their fitness or...

Suunto Spartan Sport Comes To Rescue Athletes’ Facing Problems

Wearable technology has become the choice of athletes for their training and other practice related stuff. Eventually, every other wearable is coming to the terms with the overgrowing usage of this...

Adidas miCoach Speed Cell Tracks Sports Through Your Feet

Adidas’ miCoach Speed Cell might be a little older but it hasn’t lost its importance yet. The device is capable of measuring the performance of the player and tracks their motion...

Shock Doctor And NBA Gear Up To Promote The Use Of Mouthguard

NBA has been active in promoting the use of wearable technology in sports and during professional leagues too. This has led to the use of wearable tech in professional games like...

Q-Collar Protects Athletes Against Concussions And Severe Injuries

We have discussed concussion and its impact on the health and the life of athletes a lot of times now. CTE or Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is the result of a hard...

Checklight Head Impact Monitor Indicate Athletes Of Severe Head Blows

The Reebok Checklight fits inside the skullcap of the wearer and has an LED light hanging right behind the neck of the player. It means that the LED is present on...

ShockBox Wearable Sensor For Athletes Alerts The Coaches For Concussions

Helmets are supposed to protect the athletes from certain head injuries which even may lead to concussions. However, if the player has hit hard enough the injury or hard impact is...

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