Saturday, March 23, 2019

Improve Sleep, Perform Better With The Help Of Intelligent Wearable- Oura Ring

There are many sleep, activity and fitness trackers available today. No doubt, many of them are helpful in various ways, but, some of them don’t provide us with the detailed analytics...

Mettis Trainer Insoles Are A Solution For Happy Feet Of Athletes

Many wearables made a debut at CES, 2016. Among many awe-striking wearables for sports we saw, Smart shoes too. All Smart shoes had different core point and different area of expertise,...

Is Quantlet going to be the most powerful performance enhancement tool?

Quantlet is the device which has been made to see the effects of nature’s most significant gifts; light and thermal energy on the body. The wearable will not only work as...
Samsung Patents For Biometric Fingerprint Scanning In Wearables

Samsung Patents For Biometric Fingerprint Scanning In Wearables

Samsung has long been trying to push its luck in the wearable world. Wearables after wearables and patents after patents are coming our way. Similarly, the company has also been looking...
Garmin's Vivoactive HR and Vivofit 3 Are For Perfect Fitness Tracking

Garmin’s Vivoactive HR and Vivofit 3 Are For Perfect Fitness Tracking

Garmin has unveiled its latest set of wearables. Just before MWC, the company revealed two new fitness trackers. The two new trackers are the Vivoactive HR with wrist-bound heart rate monitoring...

ELF emmit: A Wearable for the Optimized Self

Wearables have been using Zapping technology to take a peek and gauge what’s happening with you. Although the technology is not trusted but some devices have used it in a very...

HIRIS -The First Wearable Computer

Long gone are the days when wearables were not considered a proper technology and no one wanted to waste their money on them. However, this trend has changed in the recent...

Flip Is A Wearable Fitness Tracker Designed For Your Ear!

Contrary to all the other wearables like the Smartwatches and the fitness trackers available today, the Flip is a wearable reserved for your ears only. The device controls all the essentials...

New Fitbit Alta Is Fitbit’s Another Strike At Fashionable Fitness Tracking

Fitbit launched its signature styled fashion fitness tracker Blaze at CES 2016. The wearable received mixed reviews from the audience. However, it opened new doors for wearables which aim to bring...

U-GYM Is A Wearable Muscle Stimulator for Pro Sports

Are you a fitness nerd? Is gyming the mantra of your life? Or, are you a sports professional trying hard to maintain your healthy and sporty lifestyle? Well, gyming and heavy...

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