AMSTERDAM, April 9, 2019 – C-Sharp Sports, a leading sports tech firm specialised in data collection and analytics for sports teams, today announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Talento. With the acquisition of Talento, C-Sharp Sports will focus on growing within the national and international amateur football scene.

The Talento platform drives business growth by offering amateur football teams the opportunity to track the performance of teams and individual players. In this way, valuable data is collected on a large scale. This data provides insight into the individual players and their development over time.
The cloud-based platform is feature-rich and offers significant opportunities for integration across the C-Sharp Sports software. Talento’s ecosystem includes over 100 partners and has an engaged community. Over the last period of time, Talento has had an explosively growing number of users. 
In addition to the basic version for amateur teams, two other versions of Talento will release later this year; Talento Plus and Talento Pro. Talento Plus will, just like the basic version, focus on amateur football clubs, but will have video integration. Talento Pro will focus on professional football clubs. This version gives professional football clubs access to information gathered by amateur teams, making remote scouting a lot easier. 
‘’The combination of C-Sharp Sports and Talento’s platform provides an incomparable set of solutions for delivering data insights across football clubs of all sizes,’’ said Mark Snijders, Director Football of C-Sharp Sports. ‘’C-Sharp Sports is leading the way to make data work for sports teams, and with Talento, we’re further delivering on this vision.’’
About C-Sharp Sports
C-Sharp Sports is all about making data work. Its’ platform enables professional sports teams, such as Maccabi Tel Aviv, to collect all relevant streams of data. The collected data can be managed and distributed within the whole organisation. All data is stored in a central server, which is connected to various devices. Once a device collects any form of data, it’s synchronised with the central server. Through the internet, via a secured VPN. The link with SAS makes it possible to thoroughly analyse the data, in order to arrive at new, groundbreaking insights.