Best Wearables For Skiing

Skiing is a sport with fun and adventure. Who doesn’t love snow and sliding on it? While the game is fun and sporting it has its own negatives’ too. You never know when the weather can change to bad and to worst, you never know about the avalanches or if your snowboard is in a fine position or not. You can easily trail into ditches etc. This is why skiing is a sport reserved for some with great will power and presence of mind.

However, technology has made it easier. We have seen a number of wearable technologies making their way into this sport as well. With different methods to teach you how to ski and to protect you from unwanted conditions, the wearables have made the life of skiers better than before. So, if you are new to skiing or you want to indulge in this hobby of yours’ in a better way we have made a list of best ski wearables which will help you in understanding the sport better.

Please note that the list is not preference based. Also, feel free to add any other name to this list of best skiing wearables if you want:


Carv is a real-time ski wearable. The wearable is best for amateurs as well as professional skiers, both. Carv measures metrics like weight distribution and help uncover fundamental issues with the back chair, uphill body, inside ski weight, bad body position to help users’ spot common mistakes such as leaning too heavily on a turn.

There are several modes including free-style, structured lessons for beginners and amateurs and high-detailed analysis for professional athletes. The different modes automatically synchronize video footage, allowing trainers and coaches to scrutinize the video alongside the provided data. The real-time data to help skiers is available real-time on the screen, via the earphone or via the heads-up display.

Carv will end its smashing kickstarter campaign tomorrow and will start shipments by the September of this year. You can still pre-order the wearable for an early-bird discount. Car ski wearable has been one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever.




$179 (Expected retail price)