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Best Cheap Earbuds – the Amazon Echo Buds 2 Details

Best Cheap Earbuds – the Amazon Echo Buds 2 are now available via Amazon directly for only $99/pair.

What can be better than a pair of these earbuds at this introductory price?

Smaller in size, lighter in weight and lesser in price than before, the Amazon Ear Buds 2 have already marked a niche in the market for themselves. And that too, for being the best noise-cancelling earbuds.

Available in black and glacier white shades only, they have a Realtek RTL8763C processor embedded inside them. Completely wireless and providing supreme audio quality, the Amazon Echo Buds 2 have all the features present in any elite ANC model like the AirPods Pro or Bose QuietComfort Earbuds that are priced for more than $150-$200 in the market currently.

With a simple and clean design, the Amazon Echo Buds fit perfectly in the ear. Although, around 40% smaller in size than before, these earbuds look like smart pair.

Hands-free with Alexa

The best thing about these earbuds – they work with the Alexa app to play music, stream podcasts, or read Audible audiobooks. Just ask Alexa to skip songs, resume reading, or turn up the volume.

amazon echo buds 2 alexa
A complete set of media controls is present like single (play/pause), double, next track, end call, previous track, and so on. Alexa tap-to-talk feature is also present. Intelligence feature is also available where the audio goes on pause automatically as it detects the removal of buds from the ears. Also, soundtrack will resume once you put on the earbuds again.

According to the reviews that are being obtained b our team members, audio quality that it can produce is average. Not bad but not superb. It can/might distort several tracks and songs. It is not an ideal gadget for you if you seek perfection. But reasonable in use for casual listening in your home or while at the gym.

As far as battery life is concerned, Amazon Echo buds can give you a 5 hours of music playback per complete charge and upto 15 hours of play with the charging case. Moreover, they are compatible with iOS and Android and supports access to Siri and Google Assistant. Echo Buds are designed to provide you with complete privacy and you can always mute the mics with the Alexa App.

You just read about the Best Cheap Earbuds – the Amazon Echo Buds 2 Details. The item looks promising and definitely with all the features it has, this pair of earbuds is going to thrive soon and will become one of the best sellers.


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