MWC 2016 has brought a lot of good news in the form of wearables. From the list of such news, we have something very charming which goes along with the name of iCharming. iCharming is a range of Smart bracelets, rings, and necklaces from a ZTE-owned smart jewelry company.

ATTENTION LADIES! Charm Ring Is All About Charm, Safety And Fitness

The Smart ring called the Charm Ring we are talking about now was initially funded in China through last summer. The jewelry raised over 1 million RMB ($100,000) from over 3,000 backers. The amount of money and backers sums up the benefits and the popularity of the ring.

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After the intense research and preparation, the Charm Ring is ready to go global. Coming to the functionalities, the Charm Ring is capable of monitoring calories burned, fitness tracking, and steps etc. All the tracking is done with the help of a three-axis accelerometer. The Charm Ring also has different motivating features like leader boards, goals setting and different reminders regarding your various activities.  There is an SOS alert feature to send your location to the emergency contact when needed.

ATTENTION LADIES! Charm Ring Is All About Charm, Safety And Fitness

The Charm Ring has Bluetooth and is controlled by gestures. Your actions allow many different features like when you shake hands you can take a selfie through your Smartphone etc. The bright and vivid LEDs blink whenever there is a call or message. The Charm Ring is compatible with iPhone and Android 4.3+.It has a battery life of about a week.

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The ring has been made from Zirconia and silver and comes in six gemstone colors including violet, navy, gold, brown, violet, blue and rose. The Charm Ring was priced at $130 when it was available in the mid of 2015. However, it is now available to retailers for $150 so the final price will probably be more around the $200 mark.

ATTENTION LADIES! Charm Ring Is All About Charm, Safety And Fitness

On the other hand, the iCharming range is a range of accessories with style, class and elegance. The range also has cheap bracelets and necklace priced for $50 each to retailers. The Smart bracelets with leather bands are capable of fitness tracking with an impressive battery life of 15 days.

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China is riding high on the wearable market and the introduction of different jewelry and not Smartwatches is the breath of fresh air. Let’s see what happens when this range finally hits markets, worldwide.