It hasn’t been long since the unveiling of the first ever Galaxy Watch Active by Samsung and we are already looking at the leaked photos of its successor.

Galaxy Watch Active was Samsung’s attempt to make a sportier smart watch with high end features and fitness tracking capabilities. This resulted in a bezel-less, lighter in weight, smaller in size and more efficient successor to the earlier smartwatches by Samsung. It encloses a heart rate tracker, gyroscope and accelerometer in this small and light weight body which makes it very efficient in monitoring all our daily activities and exercises including calories, steps, distance, heartbeat and a lot more. It also introduced blood pressure measuring with one of its experimental apps.

As per the leaked photos, Samsung seems to have no plans of straying from the design it created for the original Galaxy Watch Active. The navigation will be done with conventional methods of a physical button and touch screen. This is likely because Samsung is trying not to make the watch easily accessible and comfortable to navigate around. Yes, there are a few very minor designs changes but nothing too big to cause any debates. Like the physical button assigned to home and power appears to be circular instead of its quadrilateral shape. This circular button also appears to have a red round boundary. The back side of this Smart Watch now has a circular rim about the heartbeat sensor.

For now, Galaxy Watch Active only comes in one size variant but there is a big chance of its successor, supposedly Galaxy Watch Active 2, coming in two size variants just like the Galaxy Watch. These two size variants will most like be 44mm and 40mm. Not much is known about the watch except for this and the information about their interior of the watch has been reported very little so far by any credible sources. Fingers are crossed as we await to see how Samsung is going to top Galaxy Watch Active with Galaxy Watch Active 2.