Safety Wearables

The wearable tech market has come a long way. Years ago, wearables were just worn for the ‘wearable’ purpose. There was no sense of security along with an update to the latest fashion. However, nowadays, safety wearables have made their way into the public along with improving sports and health.

Safety is the concern of women, elders, physically disabled people and children around the world. But, no one wants to compromise their style and fashion too. This is why we have made a list of safety wearables that are not only fashionable but ensures the safety and protection of everyone too.

Have a read; keep your fashion statement intact along with security. You won’t be afraid now roaming around the city late night, without anyone else.

1Safelet Indra Bracelet:

Safelet Indra Bracelet is not only beautiful to look at but it makes sure that the help, in the case of emergencies, is just a click away. There are buttons on the side of the wristband. Whenever there is any sort of danger or emergency, all users have to do is to press them. The alert would immediately be sent to the pre-selected family members and friends.

The Safelet Bracelet is connected to a Smartphone app. With the help of Bluetooth, the compatible app sends all the data like the location of the wearer and other important instructions to the emergency contacts. The users can also program the call to 911 if they think they need immediate protection.